About Us

Phat Ky Mi Gia (Phat Noodles for our non-ethnic followers) is an established noodle house & restaurant located in Little Saigon, Orange County. We are proud to have just celebrated our 25th anniversary in September of 2012.

We specialize in an assortment of various egg & rice noodle dishes that will surely satisfy everyone. We also have some pretty awesome rice dishes, as well!

Our signature dish that we are well known for is Mi Vit Tiem, or Duck Noodle Soup. Over the years, we have perfected the broth of this soup with an exclusive mixture of herbs and spices that has made customers come back time and time again.

Another reason why our customers constantly come back to our noodle house is that we make our very own egg noodles! You can taste the difference.

We are also very proud of our very own satay sauce. It is a special blend of unique spices and herbs that is used as a condiment for many of our dishes.

We love our customer base but always welcome new customers to experience our delicious food and dedication to giving everyone a wonderful dining experience.