Com Ga Hai Nam - Hunan Chicken with Rice

Accompanied by a ginger-infused fish sauce for dipping, our Hunan Chicken with Rice is a very popular item that originates from both Vietnam and China. It is a very simple dish but one that has proven to last the test of time.

Our version features a large amount of perfectly boiled chicken so that the meat is nice and tender. The rice is cooked with the chicken's broth and a special blend of garlic sauce and other ingredients. There's also an assortment of pickled vegetables that help complement the chicken very well.

We are also very proud of our dipping sauce as it is a unique blend of ginger and fish sauce that is tangy, savory and sweet! When the chicken is dipped into this sauce, it is like pure perfection.

Com Ga Hai Nam Hunan Chicken with Rice is very delicious and healthy